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Softsolution CulletScanner

The CulletScanner is an automatic glass fragmentation analysis system for assessing the quality of tempered and heat-strengthened glass. It performs a complete analysis in seconds, with supporting documentation in the form of a printable certificate and high-resolution image archiving. The CulletScanner is a simple, fast and effective tool for fulfilling industry standards for architectural glass.

A sheet of glass is loaded into the scanner and broken using a special tool. The break pattern is scanned and transferred to the associated Windows-based software, which provides a complete fragmentation image analysis in seconds. Each glass fragment is identified and its position, size, length, surface area and weight precisely calculated and analysed. Each analysis is documented and the high-resolution scan archived for future reference. A certificate in PDF format is generated automatically, detailing the analysis, batch number and type of furnace as well as an overall result.

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your testing requirements.

  • High-resolution scanning technology up to 400 dpi enables extremely accurate imaging
  • Automatic counting and complete, precise analysis of every single fragment in seconds
  • Areas along outer edge of the glass and at point of impact are identified for exclusion
  • Scans can be stored digitally for years with no age-related deterioration of image quality
  • Associated software provides all established standards in this field including EN 12150
  • Can be manufactured in any custom size according to individual customer requirements
  • Options of an electrically-driven scan bridge and a swivel-mounted scan table
Maximum scanning speed 20m/minute
Glass dimensions (standard) 1100mm x 360mm
Glass thickness 2.3 - 20mm
Power supply 230V, 16A, 50Hz, single phase
Operating system Windows 7 or higher
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