Macotec Star Cut 3.7 FB Float Glass Cutting Table
Glass Processing Machinery

Macotec Star Cut 3.7 FB

The Star Cut 3.7 FB is an automatic loading, cutting and breaking line, for straight and shaped cutting of float glass, which is characterised by excellent performance in terms of cutting speed and accuracy. The versatile line operates with minimal noise due to its high-quality mechanical components and digitally-controlled bridge and cutting head movement.

Maximum glass dimensions: 3700mm x 2600mm

The Star Cut models are available in different configurations and stock sheet size capacities, fully customisable according to customers’ requirements with regard to space and productivity. The line can additionally be equipped with:

  • A manual or automatic break-out system
  • Automatic "X" break-out system for thick glass
  • Temporary protective film (TPF) removal device
  • Ability to process jumbo and ½ jumbo sheets
  • Low-E edge deletion wheels

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Rigid, lightweight aluminium cutting bridge driven by a helical gear rack and pinion system
  • Innovative revolving tool changer "Click & Cut" makes all tools available on cutting head
  • Can be equipped with device for removal of temporary plastic film on Low-e glass
  • A "peripheral" wheel can be mounted on the cutting bridge for Low-E edge deletion
  • Automatic detection and redrawing of templates which can include internal holes
  • Innovative "Maclabeling" system to automatically print and apply labels onto glass
Max. workable glass sheet sizes 3700mm x 2600mm
Cutting speed 230m/min.
Workable thickness 3 ‐ 19mm
Accuracy ± 0.15mm
Working plane height 925mm (± 0.25mm)
No. of breakout bars 3
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