Macotec Strato Active 3.7 Laminated Glass Cutting Table
Glass Processing Machinery

Macotec Strato Active 3.7

The Strato Active 3.7 is an automatic cutting table for laminated glass with a PVB cutting blade which provides glass separation control. The technologically-advanced machine features exceptional ergonomics, a rapid working cycle, high-precision recirculating ball bearings, self-adjusting working parameters and an on-board optimiser.

Maximum glass dimensions: 3700mm

The absence of any obstructions on the front face of the machine and the reduced height of the cutting bridges allows operators to move freely in the area and ensures total visibility of working areas, reducing fatigue and improving operator performance.

The Strato Active 3.7 can optionally be combined with the Master Shape 3.7 FR Float Glass Cutting Table to create a compact cutting line for cutting half size sheets of float and laminated glass. Characterised by reduced overall dimensions, the line provides exceptional ergonomic benefits also thanks to the absence of mechanical obstacles on the working front-side.

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Optimisation software, installed on board, with graphic visualization of working steps
  • Squaring up to zero and equipped with a “peripheral” wheel for Low-E edge deletion
  • Glass separation is controlled by a brushless motor to avoid any risk of delamination
  • Automatic execution of trimming up to 6.5 cm ensures optimisation and waste reduction
  • Trimmings are automatically removed from the cutting area and transported away
Max. workable glass sheet sizes 3700mm
Cutting speed 110m/min.
Min. glass thickness 3/0.38/3mm
Max. glass thickness 8/4.56/8mm
Squaring Manual (automatic)
Min. squaring 150mm (0)
Max. squaring 3210mm
No. of squaring pads 3
Minimum trimming 65mm
Max. installed power 24Kw
No. of tilting arms 3
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