Two-Way Valve
Double Glazing Components

Two-Way Valve

The two-way valve is a pressure regulation device that allows an adjustment between the inner and outer pressure of an insulated glass unit. The valve is developed for IG units that are exposed to continuous pressure changes as a result of variations in barometric pressure, altitude, or temperature.

Size: Available with 6.5mm or 8mm collared bush depending on spacer size.

The valve is inserted through a 6mm hole in the spacer frame. Once the insulating glass unit is sealed, the valve is usually cut at the secondary seal and closed with the supplied plug. The valve is equipped with a silicone tube which is compatible with Tremco JS562.

Please see data sheet for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your double glazing requirements.

  • Valve opens automatically when pressure differential exceeds a range of +/− 80 millibar
  • Can be installed in all kinds of spacer bars with a minimum width of 9.5mm
  • Most effective in gas-filled units but cannot be used as a gas-filling hole
  • Reduces the risk of visual distortion, seal stress and glass fracture
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