Tekna and Technology Italiana Machining Centres
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Sophisticated Italian machining centres for local window & facade manufacturers

With the addition of Tekna and Technology Italiana to our industry partners, FG Trading is able to offer a wider range of machinery for processing of profiles, sheet metal and panels in a vast range of materials including aluminium, uPVC, steel and composite.

Tekna: Pioneers of CNC Machining Centres

Tekna, along with Elumatec and Emmegi, is part of Voilàp Holding, a leading international manufacturing group in the design, production and distribution of technologies for machining of aluminium, uPVC and steel profiles. Tekna is headquartered in Italy and has subsidiaries and dealers in more than 50 countries worldwide, now including South Africa.

Tekna was among the first companies in the industry to design, develop and commercialise CNC machining centres and has been a market leader for over 50 years. With a focus on continuously improving productivity by reducing costs and production times, Tekna has ensured that their machines remain some of the most advanced solutions on the market.

Tekna's range of latest generation machining centres offer exceptional quality and reliability. They have the capability to perform operations such as drilling, milling, threading and cutting, on profiles and panels in a wide range of materials, with speed and precision. In addition, they are designed for maximum flexibility and can be tailored to meet unique manufacturing requirements.

The software solutions for control of the machines are based on an analysis of the actual needs of customers, and guarantee ease of use. With a few hours training it is possible to learn the required skills to operate the machines via graphic programming. The software allows programming from a remote desktop so the operator can simply load the machine, call the works order and push ‘start’.

Technology Italiana: The Punching Specialists

With a passion for innovation, Technology Italiana has been designing and manufacturing punching machines for sheet metal processing for 45 years. In addition to their Italian headquarters in Genoa, the company has two sales offices and an international sales network, which FG Trading has recently joined, spanning more than 40 countries.

Through ongoing research and development, Technology Italiana produces increasingly efficient, environmentally-friendly and easy to use machines. The company revolutionised the classic punch press concept with the introduction of the servo-electric punching machine which offers greater durability, reduced maintenance costs and lower energy consumption.

TecnoPunch is a complete line of servo-electric CNC machining centres which range from semi-automatic, mono-punch machines to fully automatic, turret punching machines, for all levels of production. Apart from punching, the versatile machines can be equipped with tools for performing various operations including bending, embossing, marking, engraving and fine contouring on sheet metal.

The TecnoPunch range offers maximum flexibility and productivity by means of a smart tool change system and an innovative multi-tool, auto-index system. These features improve the performance of the machines by increasing their capacity, allowing machining at any angle, dramatically reducing tool changing times and tool costs and simplifying programming.

Guaranteed Efficiency

By partnering with industry-leading manufacturers such as Tekna and Technology Italiana, FG Trading provides value for our customers through the supply of quality, high-performance machinery backed by quality, trained support. Apart from installation and commissioning of machines, we also provide training, technical support, maintenance and repair services.

Should problems ever arise with the machining centres or the software, our customers have access to both local and international support. If our local technicians are unable to resolve the issue, our partners in Italy can assist via remote diagnostics. This solution saves on time and costs and ensures maximum productivity and peace of mind for our customers.

Source: FG Trading, February 2019

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