evguard EVA Laminated Safety Glass
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Official Southern African distributor: Premium evguard® EVA laminating film

FG Trading has partnered with Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH, a leading film manufacturer and amongst the pioneers in the field of high-quality extruded plastic films, to bring their latest development to the African continent.

evguard® is an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) based thermoset interlayer for manufacture of laminated safety, security and decorative glass. It has many exceptional physical properties, making it suitable for a vast range of applications - the spectrum ranges from decorative glass laminates to laminated safety glass specifically for use as sound insulation or fire protection glass or in façade construction.

Designed, developed and made in Germany

evguard EVA Laminate Composition

evguard® is the result of many years of research and development and is manufactured in Germany using European raw materials, ensuring reliable, consistent quality. It is available as a transparent or milky-white film in standard thicknesses and widths but can be supplied in customised dimensions on request. Folienwerk’s dedicated research and development team is also able to provide solutions based on specific requirements, such as higher UV resistance.

Exceptional physical properties

EVA is a copolymer well known for its outstanding resistance to heat and ageing. In contrast with traditional thermoplastic films (e.g. PVB), evguard® contains no softening agents and in laminated form has similar physical properties to hard rubber. evguard® has a unique three-dimensional cross-linking capability which results in a strong, durable interlayer with excellent resistance to heat, moisture and UV radiation. evguard® offers the following benefits:

  • Sufficient shear strength and superior mechanical properties over a wide temperature range
  • Low melt viscosity which makes it perfect for tempered glass and ideal for sensitive inserts
  • Protection against extreme heavy impacts (in combination with evguard® MPE film)
  • Outstanding acoustic properties and excellent optical properties
  • Superior moisture resistance – ideal for open edge applications
  • Superior adhesion to glass and many other materials
  • Very good post-breakage stability

Introducing evguard® MPE

evguard MPE Printed Laminated Safety Glass

Folienwerk have developed evguard® MPE, a high-performance, multi-layer polyester insert to be used in conjunction with evguard® for heavy impact protection and printed laminated safety glass. The polyethylene-terephthalate (PET) based thermoplastic can be embedded in the laminate as a coloured or printed interlayer according to the desired design. evguard® MPE has the ability to withstand high thermal loads and due to its improved impact resistance, also increases the stability of the laminated glass.

Diverse processing options

evguard® offers excellent processing capabilities at lower temperatures and cross-linking is possible within a broad temperature range of 105°C to 160°C in either conventional lamination ovens or an autoclave. evguard® makes it possible to laminate a number of temperature-sensitive inserts including polyesters, polycarbonates, acrylics, fabrics, photographs, stone and wood veneers, natural materials (leaves, grass etc.) perforated steel and metals, liquid crystal and LEDs.

Certified for safety and stability

The stability provided by evguard® has been extensively tested in-house to ensure consistent quality, and this is backed by third party certifications. Laminated glass manufactured with evguard® has been extensively tested in Europe as well as in regions with extreme climatic conditions. It has also been successfully tested for use as both sound insulation glass and fire protection glass and is certified to safety standards worldwide.

Endless possibilities

evguard® offers almost endless possibilities for modern glass construction and is increasingly the lamination film of choice for a wide range of applications and end-users. evguard® is already used by a number of glass companies throughout the world, many of which have created unique glass products made possible by its versatility and creative flexibility. The film allows for the realisation of a vast range of visual effects using unusual textures and colours, transparency and lighting, whilst providing proven safety and durability, even in the most demanding applications.

Source: FG Trading, August 2018

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