Neptun Quickdrill Vertical Drilling Machine
Glass Processing Machinery

Neptun QuickDrill 160-24

The Quick series is an innovative range of machines for drilling and milling of glass, characterised by its ease of use, quick programming as well as high processing speed and precision. The QuickDrill 160-24 module is a vertical glass drilling machine with numerical control for drilling and countersinking of holes.

Maximum glass dimensions: 1600mm x 2400mm

The Quickline is flexible in that the machines can operate independently if required or the QuickDrill 160-24 module can be integrated with the QuickMill to execute drilling and milling operations simultaneously and enhance productivity. Both modules can also be combined with the LV Top washing machine to offer a fully integrated process, including the final washing phase.

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Simple and robust components require little maintenance, whilst still allowing easy access
  • Powerful numeric control with touch screen allows complete and easy programming
  • Nested program function allowing recall and repeat “n” times after setting parameters
  • Holes can be drilled on the entire area of the glass sheet with no restricted zones
  • Position of glass measured via magnetic bars, guaranteeing an accuracy of ±0,15mm
  • Spindle with rotational speed up to 6000 rpm - management of working pressure of tool
  • Automatic management of the countersinking depth
  • Manual tool exchange
Dimensions 6281mm x 2800mm x 2100mm
Installed Power 4kW
Min. glass dimensions 420mm x 240mm
Max. glass dimensions 1600mm x 2400mm
Workable thickness 3-30mm
Drilling diameter range 4-75mm
Processing Speed 1-25m/min
Weight 1800kg
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