GMS Rotating Table
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GMS Rotating Table

The GMS rotating table is used in conjunction with extrusion equipment for the secondary sealing of insulated glass units. The IG unit is fixed in place on the vacuum suction cups and can then be rotated for sealing the perimeter. The rotating table is operated easily via two foot pedals and largely facilitates the manual sealing of IG units.

The GMS rotating table can be used with sealant pumps such as the Ecomix XS, Mastermix Gear Easy, Mastermix Gear Basic or the GMS 2K or melting equipment such as HM1500 EX.

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  • Robust frame with 4 independent swivel arms
  • Removable suction pad for smaller units
  • 4 fixed vacuum suction cups
  • Rotation by 4 x 90° or 1 x 360°
  • Adjustable rotation speed
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