GMS 1600 Single-Sided Hot Press
IG Machinery & Equipment

GMS 1600 Single-Sided Hot Press

The GMS 1600 Single-Sided Hot Press comprises an airflow tilting table top, and a single-sided roller press used for applying, assembling, heating and pressing flexible spacer insulating glass units. The machine compresses both sheets of glass onto the spacer under heat creating a hermetic seal.

The GMS 1600 Single-Sided Roller Press can be used for assembling flexible spacers such as Super Spacer® Premium Plus, Super Spacer® Triseal™ or Duraseal® in units of up to 40mm thick and 1600mm wide.

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  • Airflow controlled by foot pedal for easy glass movement
  • Pneumatic tilting with pins for holding glass in place in vertical position
  • 6 pairs of heat-resistant rubber rollers which convey and press the IG units
  • 4 instant-heat quartz lamps equipped with sensors which automatically switch lamps off
  • Conveyor system equipped with controller and digital display for speed adjustment
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