GMS 1600 Heated Roller Press
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GMS 1600 Heated Roller Press

The GMS 1600 Heated Roller Press comprises an inlet roller station, heating section, press section and outlet roller station used for heating and pressing flexible spacer insulating glass units. The machine compresses both sheets of glass onto the spacer after heating creating a hermetic seal.

The GMS 1600 Heated Roller Press can be used for the application of flexible spacers such as Super Spacer® Premium Plus, Super Spacer® Triseal™ or Duraseal® in units of up to 40mm thick and 1600mm wide.

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  • Inlet roller station with 7 rubber rollers to load and convey IG units to heating section
  • Heating section with 7 zinc-plated steel rollers and 9 instant-heat quartz lamps
  • Temperature is regulated by digital temperature controller which prevents overheating
  • Press section with 5 pairs of heat-resistant rubber rollers for pressing IG units
  • Outlet roller station for offloading units, with limit switch to stop conveyor
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