Emmegi Quadra L2 Machining Centre
Aluminium & PVC Machinery

Emmegi Quadra L2

The Quadra L2 is an 18-axis CNC machining centre for bars or workpieces of aluminium or light alloy, which combines a loading module, 4-axis milling module, 4-axis vertical cutting module, 3-axis horizontal cutting module, 2-axis end milling module as well as an unloading module. The versatile machine is suited for machining both aluminium profiles for doors and windows as well as extrusions and profiles for the industrial sector.

Machinable substrates: Aluminium and light alloys

  • Profile storage magazine with thrust-feed loading system
  • Useful profile tilting system and high-precision bar positioning system
  • Milling unit with rotary base, up to 6 electrospindles and range of 360°
  • Vertical cutting unit with single-head saw with 600mm ø descending blade
  • Horizontal cutting unit with single-head saw with 350mm ø blade
  • End milling unit with milling cutter with variable rotation speed up to 8000rpm
  • Automatic unloader discharges profiles from cutting unit to storage magazine
  • Sound-proof central enclosure protects operator and reduces noise

Please see data sheet for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

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