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A revolution in window installation: Impregnated joint sealing tapes

illbruck’s state-of-the-art range of sealing tapes are silicone-alternatives for window and door installation. The tapes allow installers to grow their businesses by saving money, boosting productivity and improving the quality of every installation.

Impregnated foam tapes have been used extensively throughout the UK and Europe for many years but locally, silicone is still the most commonly applied seal due to its relative cost effectiveness and ease of application. Whilst it has served the industry well for many decades, it cannot compete with the exceptional performance, aesthetics and ease of use offered by the newer, foam-based technology.

The world’s first sealing tape

In 1995 illbruck revolutionised the industry with the introduction of the first sealing tape. TP600 Compriband 600 is a flexible, polyurethane foam tape, impregnated with flame-retardant resin and supplied in pre-compressed rolls. Offering outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation and weather tightness against the most severe combinations of wind and rain, it satisfies most expectations as an external weather seal.

With full BBA Approval, TP600 has been tested extensively and is certified to all of the relevant European standards. It provides proven performance and durability. In the same year that it was introduced, illbruck entered the tape into an outdoor weathering test in a real-life application in Bodenwöhr, Germany. The test has been running for over 20 years and TP600 continues to defy the elements without losing its movement capability, successfully exceeding the 15-year performance warranty.

Simplified application

In comparison to traditional silicone sealants, impregnated foam tapes are significantly easier and faster to apply. Before the window or door is installed, the tape is easily fixed to the frame by means of its integrated self-adhesive backing. The frame is then installed into the opening and fixed in the normal manner. Once installed, the tape steadily expands to effectively seal all gaps between the frame and the structure.

Apart from allowing installers to provide a consistently high-quality finish, the absence of a wet sealant means less mess, no wastage of sealant, no masking of the joint and fewer tools are required for application. Unlike silicones, sealing tapes such as TP600 can be applied in almost any weather, but application in damp or cold conditions should be carried out with caution.

Looking to the future

If not considered correctly, the perimeter seal of a window or door can have a detrimental impact on its thermal performance. In an increasingly environmentally conscious era, a major benefit of impregnated foam tapes is that they dramatically enhance the energy efficiency of a window or door by providing thermal insulation in the joint, thus preventing heat transfer.

Illbruck impregnated foam tapes are among the best, highest quality, most versatile window sealing solutions on the market. The tapes are ideal for a number of applications including high end, new build or renovation installations. In partnership with tremco illbruck, FG Trading can assist you in embracing the future of window installation by finding the right window sealing tape for your next project.

Source: FG Trading, April 2019

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