TS580 Tin Side Detector
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TS580 Tin Side Detector

The TS580 Tin Side Detector is a compact and portable meter for identifying the tin side of float glass for automotive glass fabrication, glass tempering and the manufacture of mirrors or other types of coated glass. The patented device is easy to operate and utilises a short wave ultraviolet lamp, which is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, for detection of the tin side.

During the production of float glass, one side of the molten glass comes into contact with a bath of molten tin. Traces of tin or tin oxide are deposited on one surface of the glass which is henceforth known as the “tin side”. For certain applications in glass processing it is necessary to know which side of the glass has been in contact with the tin during float glass production.

The TS580 can identify the tin side by making use of the transmission viewing method, the reflection viewing method or the edge viewing method. When the tin side is detected the text indicator with the word ‘TIN’ will appear. Wearing UV prevention safety glasses is recommended before conducting any tests.

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Dimensions 116mm x 70mm x 26mm
Packaging 153mm x 127mm x 51mm
Power 5V1A DC 110V ~ 220V AC input (lithium)
Battery life 3000 hours
Weight 200g (with battery)
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