Super Spacer Desiccant Activity Test Kit
Test Equipment & Instruments

Super Spacer® Test Kit

The Super Spacer® Test Kit contains RH indicator cards and instructions to determine the drying capacity of Super Spacer® material, by fabricating a small sample unit. Prior to IG fabrication, it is essential that the desiccant material is not pre-loaded with moisture. Super Spacer® material which does not pass the desiccant activity test should be discarded, to ensure the quality of units made.

Super Spacer® contains at least 40% desiccant material by weight and must pass the desiccant activity test before it can be used to manufacture IG units. The test kit should be used to test:

  • The first Super Spacer® package of each new order,
  • The remainder of previously opened packages of Super Spacer®
  • Unopened packages of Super Spacer® older than 36 months

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your testing requirements.

  • Ensures the quality of IG units fabricated with Super Spacer®
  • Ideal for IG manufacturers who lack sophisticated test equipment
  • RH indicator cards are reversible and reusable
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