Neptun Rock 11 Straight Line Edger
Glass Processing Machinery

Neptun Rock 11

The Rock series is an innovative range of straight line edgers that combine extraordinary production speed with high precision and processing quality and are built to last even under heavy working conditions. Rock 11 is suitable for flat edging, polished arrises or 45° fixed angle industrial polished chamfer up to a width of 10mm. The machine allows for high production volumes whilst maintaining an excellent level of quality.

Number of spindles: 11

In addition to squaring, the Rock series is equipped with the patented Edge To Shape™ system which allows the operator to choose the final geometry, simply entering the required values in the CNC. This system also allows the creation of glass sheets with out-of square angles. The operator can choose whether to use the ETS mode or the normal processing cycle, depending on production requirements.

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Sturdy cast iron and high thickness steel structure and components to ensure durability, limit vibration and thus reduce mechanical wear, maintain precision and ensure quiet operation
  • Main conveyors slide on rectified steel guides automatically lubricated by a film of oil
  • Conveyor pads made of a double patented material designed to provide structural rigidity
  • Numerical control with touch screen for managing of removal, glass thickness and speed
  • Fully cast iron spindles with separate motorisation and belt drive transmission
  • Dedicated sets of wheels for each requested type of processing are available
  • Liquid cerium oxide polishing with independent circuit and stainless steel tank
  • Will also process multi-laminated glass and execute industrial polished chamfer
Dimensions 8083mm x 2363mm x 1450mm
Wheels 11
Weight 3500kg
Power 25kW
Min. glass height 50mm
Workable thickness 3-40mm
Processing speed 0.5-5m/min
Carrying capacity 250kg/m
Chamfer width 10mm
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