Neptun Quick 2 T8 Glass Drilling and Milling Centre
Glass Processing Machinery

Neptun Quick 2 T8 Glass Drilling & Milling Centre

The Quick series is an innovative range of machines for drilling and milling of glass, characterised by its ease of use, quick programming as well as high processing speed and precision. The Quick 2 T8 combines a drilling and milling module into a single compact, multi-functional vertical CNC working centre, without compromising on the main benefits of the Quick series - productivity, accuracy and flexibility.

Maximum glass dimensions: 1600mm x 3000mm

The Quick 2 T8 is designed for glass processors who require a high-performance milling and drilling solution but due to a lack of space are unable to use two separate working centres. The machine is equipped with an automatic tool magazine with 8+8 positions which makes it possible to perform drilling, countersinking and milling operations as well as execute notches and portholes.

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Simple and robust components require little maintenance, whilst still allowing easy access
  • Flexible, high-quality machine which ensures productivity and a fast return on investment
  • Glass is held in a fixed position during processing reducing the risk of breakage
  • Powerful numeric control with touch screen, allows complete and easy programming
  • Drill control system (DCS) automatically manages the feed rate of the tool
  • Automatic dressing system allows fast restoration of tool sharpness
  • Automatic measuring system manages compensation for tool wear
  • Automatic tool change can be completed in 8 seconds or less
Dimensions 7386mm x 3440mm x 2500mm
Installed Power 10kW
Min. glass dimensions 400mm x 180mm
Max. glass dimensions 2200mm x 3000mm
Workable thickness 3-30mm
Drilling diameter range 4-80mm
No. of tool positions 8+8
Processing Speed 1-25m/min
Weight 3800kg
*Specifications for Quick 2 T8 160-30 model only. Please contact us for specifications of other models.
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