illbruck SP050 Fix and Seal Universal
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illbruck SP050

SP050 is a multi-purpose sealant and adhesive based on tremco illbruck’s advanced SP polymer formulation. SP050 provides a high strength flexible bond for skirting boards, battens, slats, door thresholds, acoustic panels (and similar sheet materials), etc.

Packaging: 310ml cartridges
Colour: White, grey and black. Crystal clear version also available. Refer to SP030.

Used in a wide variety of construction and industrial applications. For optimum adhesion, surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free of contamination. May be applied to damp substrates.

Please see data sheet for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your sealing & bonding requirements.

  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials including metals, glass, PVC and concrete
  • Excellent weather resistance - suitable for internal and external applications
  • Advanced SP polymer formulation - a green alternative to traditional PU adhesives
  • Does not contain solvents or isocyanates - very low odour
  • Can be overpainted once cured
  • Tack free in less than 30 minutes
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