illbruck ME500 Duo Flexible Membranes
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illbruck ME500

ME500 is a polyethylene copolymer film with non-woven fleece fabric and acrylic self-adhesive or gasket and butyl adhesive strips for location to frame and wall. ME500 is an intelligent membrane providing perimeter window or door seal for airtight and vapour tight internal joints.

Standard sizes: Supplied in rolls with widths of 110-140mm and lengths of 50m. Other sizes on request.

ME500 can be applied to windows or doors before or after installation depending on the version selected. Priming with illbruck ME902 may be required on dusty or damp substrates, or where the ambient temperature is below 5°C. ME500 is suitable for external applications as a weathertight perimeter seal provided that the product will not be exposed to UV for longer than two weeks or if the exposed face can be protected temporarily until covered.

Please see data sheets for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your sealing & bonding requirements.

  • Single product acts as internal airtight seal and external weathertight but breathable seal
  • The variable sd value ensures that the joint dries out quickly, thus protecting against mould and moisture damage
  • Easy fixing to frame and wall
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