Han Jiang Low-E Edge Deletion Machine
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Han Jiang HJ-LFRM-2008-II

The HJ-LFRM-2008-II is a Low-E edge deletion machine which removes the low emissivity coating around the perimeter of soft-coated glass. The edge deletion machine automatically detects which side of the glass has a coating and is capable of edge deletion on shaped glass as well as edge deletion around holes and cut-outs.

The HJ-LFRM-2008-II can be used independently or alternatively installed inline on the input conveyor of an insulated glass production line such as the HJ Line 3008-I. The machine has a CNC control system with a touch screen interface which makes parameter setting fast and convenient.

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  • Four-axis servo motors ensure precise positioning
  • Automatically detects glass size and identifies coated side of glass
  • No need to change grinding wheel when removing coating of different widths
  • Automatic dust removal system contributes to clean working environment
  • Automatically processes extra long glass as well as irregular shaped glass
Dimensions 8360mm x 1800mm x 3500mm
Min. glass size 200mm x 450mm
Max. glass size 2450mm x 3150mm
Glass thickness 5-15mm
Wheel width 10-30mm
Removal width 0-150mm
Removal speed 0-30m/min.
Accuracy ±0.3mm
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Power 3P 380V/1P+N 220V, 50Hz, 10kW
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