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GTS Glass Pinch Grabs

The GTS Glass Pinch Grabs are robust mechanical devices for vertical lifting of large sheets of glass in various thicknesses. The devices are designed for use with overhead cranes and other lifting equipment and are available in two models for lifting sheets of glass with a maximum weight of either 500kg or 1000kg.

Important: Only one sheet of glass must be loaded at a time.

  • Robust steel construction and clamping mechanism
  • Simple mechanical operation and automatic clamping
  • Smooth-running, non-scratching guide wheels
  • Non-slip cork lining for secure clamping
  • Replacement cork is available on request

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your handling requirements.

Glass thickness 3mm ∼ 18mm
Loading capacity 500kg
Glass thickness 4mm ∼ 25mm
Loading capacity 1000kg
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