Goldglass Lift Master Vertical Glass Accumulator
Glass Processing Machinery

Goldglass Lift Master Vertical Accumulator

The Lift Master is a vertical glass accumulator designed to improve lines and standalone machines by controlling item movement, thereby avoiding bottlenecks and increasing production. The machine is fully automatic and reduces human intervention, creating a steadier workflow. The intelligent software prioritises glass accumulation and feeding, creating a flawless and uninterrupted process.

The Lift Master can be used as a feeder, storage station or accumulator. It is compatible with all Goldglass machines, as well as traditional horizontal conveyor machinery in all industries, thanks to its built-in I/O-ready sockets. It can be placed before the painting machines MRC 2350-CI or MRC 2850-M, between the painting machines and the GD7000 drier, or in any other configuration. Its compact design allows Lift Master to be moved around and connected to different machines.

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

Overall dimensions 2630mm x 2220mm x 2270mm
Power consumption 3 x 380 V (three-phase) + PE + GR adapted to European standard-3kW
Min. glass dimensions 300mm x 740mm
Max. glass dimensions 2000mm x 5000mm
Glass thickness 3-40mm
Max. glass weight 2000kg (125kg per level)
Accumulating levels 16
Machine weight 1500kg
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