Glass Scrub Water Spot and Stain Remover
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Glass Scrub® Water Spot & Stain Remover

Glass Scrub® is a mildly abrasive, high-performance cream cleanser suitable for use on various surfaces including glass, porcelain, ceramics, aluminium and other metals. Glass Scrub® cleans and renews surfaces to a like-new appearance. and is designed to remove tough dirt, grime, mineral stains and pollutants.

Glass Scrub® is a professional-quality stain and buildup remover which removes the toughest stains, soap scum, rust and hard water mineral deposits. It is ideal for cleaning glass, porcelain, ceramics and other hard surfaces like granite and tiles. Glass Scrub® deep cleans sinks, baths, showers and counters to a sparkling shine without scratching or dulling the surface.

Please see data sheet for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your surface protection requirements.

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