FG Trading and PG Building Glass management at Cooltemper stand at Glasstec trade fair
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FG Trading partners with Cooltemper to supply most advanced glass tempering line in South Africa

FG Trading has represented the quality, technologically-advanced range of Cooltemper glass tempering equipment in Southern Africa for almost a decade. Following a meeting at Glasstec 2022, the company procured a supply contract for long-term customer PG Building Glass for the latest-generation Cooltemper Jetstream RT.

One of the ways in which PG Building Glass retains its position as the leading processor and distributor of PG SmartGlass® is through investment in state-of-the-art equipment for its facilities. The company concluded the lengthy, and critical, tempering furnace selection process with the order of a Cooltemper Jetstream RT last month. The latest-generation flat glass tempering line, which will be installed at the Western Cape processing plant, is set to be the most advanced in the country in terms of productivity and energy-efficiency.

Next-level tempering productivity

The decision to replace existing tempering equipment supports PG Building Glass’s continued commitment to deliver high quality products with fast turnaround times. With advanced heating, convection and quench systems, the Jetstream RT offers toughened glass processors superior glass quality, high output and low operating costs. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, it is extremely reliable and requires minimal maintenance.

Like its predecessors, the new Jetstream RT will be fitted with Cooltemper’s ‘block matrix’ heating elements in the furnace section. Due to its proximity to the glass, the heating system enables faster cycle times, more consistent product quality and lower energy consumption. Another advantage of the unique heating system is that it requires little to no recovery time between each load.

The Jetstream RT line will be capable of tempering a wide range of high-performance architectural glass, including soft-coated to 0.01 emissivity, in thicknesses from 4 to 19 millimetres. PG Building Glass has opted for the addition of CycleGUARD technology to maximise productivity without compromising on quality. The technology provides glass processors with the flexibility to switch between glass types and thicknesses without slowing down production.

Cooltemper FireJet Series Tempering Furnace

Unmatched energy efficiency

Cooltemper custom designs and manufactures solutions to suit glass processors’ specific requirements. The company prides itself on remaining ahead of the competition through continuous research and development. One of the features which will set the new Jetstream RT tempering line apart is the company’s latest innovation, the Dynamic Quench Cooling System.

Ordinarily, the quench section would use the same amount of energy regardless of bed loading. The automatic Dynamic Quench Cooling System can be used to increase quench air pressure or reduce the quench fan speed when the bed is not fully loaded for energy savings of up to 30%. Apart from offering a significant improvement in profitability and reduction in carbon emissions, the patented technology results in less wear on the fan components and lower noise levels from the fan and the quench.

Local technical support

As the Cooltemper agent for Southern Africa, FG Trading facilitates the supply, installation and commissioning of glass tempering equipment and offers furnace servicing and technical reconditioning. In addition to tempering lines FG Trading supplies a wide range of products and machinery specifically for the glass and aluminium industries. Our customers can rest assured that FG Trading is committed to providing the very best level of service in the industry.

Source: FG Trading, October 2022

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