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FacadeProtecta Liquid Protection Film

FacadeProtecta is an easy to apply, non-toxic and durable liquid film for temporary protection of a variety of surfaces during construction, transportation or storage. It is suitable for use on glass, metals and other smooth, non-porous substrates to prevent dirt, cementitious residue, paint and other construction related materials from damaging the surface.

FacadeProtecta is applied as a liquid with a paint roller or airless spray gun. The liquid should be applied at least 100 micron thick to ensure easy removal, but a thicker layer can be applied depending on the level of protection required. Once it has dried it becomes a durable protective film which will not rinse or blow off the surface. When protection is no longer required, the film is easy to peel off and leaves no residue behind.

Please see data sheet for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your surface protection requirements.

  • Water-based, pH-neutral, non-toxic, non-flammable and no chemical waste
  • Suitable for glass, powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel, cladding etc.
  • Protects against scratches, contamination, concrete and other damage
  • Dries to a flexible, semi-transparent film which protects from viewing
  • Leaves surface clean and intact and further cleaning is not necessary
Colour White-grey
Specific gravity 1.07
Coverage (*) 5 - 10m2 per litre
Application temperature 10°C - 35°C
Drying time (**) 30 - 120 minutes
(*) Dependent on coating thickness. (**) Dependent on temperature.
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