Emmegi MSP 400-350 Single-Head Saw
Aluminium & PVC Machinery

Emmegi 300 B2

The 300 B2 is a portable, single-head saw with a 300mm ø blade and upper table for cutting aluminium or PVC profiles. The machine is equipped with a widia cutting unit with a blade protection casing and manual feed. The cutting unit can be tilted up to 45° on the horizontal axis on the left side, and rotated from −45° to + 45° on the vertical axis.

Machinable substrates: Aluminium and PVC

The 300 B2 is designed for cutting small profiles and performing trimming operations. The horizontal clamp can be positioned manually on either the left or right hand side to secure the profile. The upper table allows the performance of a bench cut. By positioning the workpiece on the upper table against the guide, it moves forward regularly, performing trimming with a high level of precision.

Please see data sheet for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Widia cutting unit equipped with one 300mm ø blade
  • Horizontal clamp can be manually positioned on left or right hand side
  • Blade protection casing ensures operator safety and prevents accidental impact
  • Rotation of ±45° and tilting up to 45° can be applied simultaneously for composite cuts
  • Cutting at intermediate angles can be performed on both the horizontal and vertical axis
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