Denver Advance Elite Vertical Glass CNC Work Centre
Glass Processing Machinery

Denver Advance Elite Vertical Glass CNC Work Centre

The Advance Lab is a new generation, versatile and multi-functional vertical CNC working centre with more than 5 controlled axes. The machine is equipped with double electrospindles, front and rear, with automatic 12-position and 10-position rotating tool magazines to perform grinding, polishing, milling and drilling operations on glass.

Advance Elite is able to take glass from the cutting table to a finished product, handling all the processing steps with no need for operator intervention. It offers generous working dimensions with a reduced overall footprint. It is ideal for processing glass doors, shower enclosures, partitions, staircases, balustrades, furniture and appliance components.

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Hot zinc-coated structure for sturdiness and reliability during heavy-duty processing
  • Double fan-cooled 7.6kW and 10.8kW electrospindles with internal water cooling system
  • Pneumatic vacuum suction system ensures glass is held securely and eliminates vibrations
  • "SHINE" package automatically compensates for polishing tool wear throughout work cycle
  • Automatic glass size and thickness detection system eliminates the need for set-up
  • Powerful CAD-CAM software improves productivity and decreases material waste
  • Mobile CNC Osai control unit with 21" flat screen, optical mouse and keyboard
  • Optional "Flow" function for continuous processing of multiple glass sheets
  • Optional Low-E removal and Low-E friendly "water booster" system
Dimensions 8750mm x 3600mm x 3200mm
Max. workable dimensions 3500mm x 1500mm
Workable thickness 4-21mm
Maximum load 200kg
Installed power 15kW
Internal water consumption 15l/min.
External water consumption 120l/min.
Weight 4500kg
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