Cooltemper Soakjet Plus Convection Heat Soaking Oven
Glass Processing Machinery

Cooltemper SoakJet+ ™ Heat Soaking Oven

SoakJet+™ is used by architectural glass manufacturers to test and record glass tempering quality in post tempered glass for nickel sulphide intrusions in compliance to EN 14179-1:2005 (Glass in building Heat-soaked thermally-toughened soda lime silicate safety glass). The SoakJet+ is also equipped with an EVA laminating system for low volume production of laminated glass.

  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Supplied with two loading systems, one for each process
  • Space saving designs to suit customer layout requirements

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

Max. glass size (metric) 21x36 / 21x40 / 25x40 / 25x30 / 25x45 / 30x60 / 33x80
Max. glass size (imperial) 84x144 / 84x157 / 98x120 / 98x177 / 118x236 / 130x315
Heating Room temperature ∼ 290°C in 120 min
Cooling 290°C ∼ 60°C in 120 min
Temperature evenness: ±3 ∼ 5°C
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