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An inventive alternative to glass point fixing: Lilli Systems

The Spherical Jaws System makes it possible to install a glass facade without drilling any holes in the glass.

Designed with spherical joints, the revolutionary Spherical Jaws System (SJS) allows for a punctual anchorage facade to be constructed without needing to drill holes in the glass. The spherical joints are able to absorb the external stress and deflection of the panels preventing over tension.

The system’s flexibility lies in that it is available in various configurations. It is compatible with several main frame materials including aluminium mullions, stainless steel tension rods or cables, glass fins and steel carrying frames. Different types of cladding such as single glass, laminated glass and double glazing can be used and the system also provides for variable angles using a standard bracket, allowing the ability to create three-dimensional form in a facade element.

The Spherical Jaws System is a versatile, sustainable and economical option for facade construction. It is easy to install and low maintenance and is fast becoming a popular choice in the South African construction industry. The system has been used extensively, both worldwide and locally, and has recently been specified for the new Sasol Headquarters which is currently under construction in Sandton.

Developed by Lilli Systems, the Spherical Jaws System is distributed locally by FG Trading together with a wide range of solutions for the realisation of facades, roofs, skylights, balustrades and canopies. In addition to the design and production of fittings and hardware, the company also offers a technical service for projects where specific solutions are required and often components and systems are customised to suit the architectural intent.

In keeping with current architectural trends, Lilli Systems is continuously engaging in the research and development of new technologies for the building envelope and has developed and registered numerous international patents such as the one for its Spherical Jaws System. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the company is recognised as one of the leaders in its field, both in Italy and internationally.

Lilli Systems will be made available for specification on AutoSpec in the coming months. The systems will form part of the FG Trading product library which is currently under development. The library will also include complementary products such as Tremco illbruck sealants, adhesives, tapes and façade membranes, Nullifire fire protection sealants and tapes as well as Lavaal window and door hardware.

Source: Walls & Roofs, Journal 2, March 2015

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