Neptun DEMI 2000 Demineralisation Plant
Glass Processing Machinery

Neptun DEMI 2000

The DEMI 2000 demineralisation unit makes use of reverse osmosis in up to three stages, for the production of demineralised water. The demineraliser is composed of a stiffened non-toxic polypropylene column which contains selected cationic and anionic resins. The unit comes with a storage tank, automatic filling system, water quality control system and alarms.

Demineralised water cleans more effectively than tap water because it is distilled and has no salts in it, therefore it is ionically unbalanced and attempts to restore this balance by linking itself to other particles such as dirt or contaminants. Additionally, the water does not leave calcium marks as it contains no calcium. The DEMI 2000 can be used in conjunction with Neptun glass washing machines such as the LV Top 1642-20, LV Top 2662-20, Superinox 2662, Tornado HP or the Tornado Easy.

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Can be equipped with a booster pump to pump the water from tank to the washing machine
  • Resins have high exchange power and are treated and mixed to obtain water with high purity
  • Unit contains a digital conductivity meter (scale 0-19,99 μS) with LEDs showing the resin saturation, allowing for continuous checking of the water purity at the outlet, fed through a socket transformer 230/50Hz
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