Macotec Strato Active W 6.0 Laminated Glass Cutting Line
Glass Processing Machinery

Macotec Strato Active W 6.0

The Strato Active W 6.0 is a completely automatic cutting line, for laminated glass, with a 6 metre cutting bridge. The line offers the highest level of automation including automatic glass separation, movement, squaring, rotation, cutting, offloading and restarting without any manual intervention from the operator. In addition, the high-performance line features exceptional ergonomics and can be customised to meet different production requirements.

Maximum glass dimensions: 6000mm

The positioning of the control panels over the work plane, leaves the front of the line fully accessible and free of obstacles allowing operators to move freely in the area. The Strato Active W 6.0 is fully customisable according to customers’ requirements with regard to space and productivity. It can be customised in terms of:

  • Squaring module lengths
  • Intermediate buffer tables
  • Offloading via tilting table or forks

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Automatic execution of W cuts without the intervention of the operator
  • Sub-plates are automatically rotated and squared by patented devices
  • Glass separation is controlled by a brushless motor to avoid any risk of delamination
  • Innovative revolving tool changer "Click & Cut" makes all tools available on cutting head
  • Squaring up to zero and equipped with a “peripheral” wheel for Low-E edge deletion
  • Automatic execution of trimming up to 2cm and removal of trims from the cutting area
Max. workable glass sheet sizes 6000mm
Cutting speed 110m/min.
Min. glass thickness 3/0.38/3mm
Max. glass thickness 8/4.56/8mm
Squaring Automatic
Min. squaring 0
Max. squaring 3210mm (4600)
No. of squaring pads 6
Minimum trimming 65mm (20)
Max. installed power 53Kw
No. of tilting arms 5
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