Kommerling GD115 Butyl Sealant
Double Glazing Components

Kömmerling GD115

GD115 is a solvent-free, one-component, polyisobutylene-based sealant developed for the manufacture of insulated glass units. GD115 functions as the primary seal in dual-seal units and should be used in conjunction with a secondary sealant of either polysulphide, polyurethane, hot melt butyl or silicone. GD115 is characterised by a very low moisture vapour transmission rate and good gas retention as well as good adhesion to glass and spacer bars.

Packaging: 2.2kg or 6.8kg cylindrical slug
Colour: Black

GD115 seals the spacer width and provides an internal seal for insulating glass units, serving as a diffusion barrier for moisture vapour transmission and gas permeation. GD115 is compatible with various Kömmerling secondary sealants such as Ködimelt IG, GD677 NA, GD116. The sealant is supplied as a solid compound but must be heated for application at a temperature of +110°C to +130°C using a butyl extruder such as GMS 700N.

Please see data sheet for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your double glazing requirements.

  • Very good adhesion to glass, aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel
  • Very low water vapour and gas permeability
  • Good resistance to ageing
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