Goldglass M.R.C 2850 Automatic Spray Painting Machine
Glass Processing Machinery

Goldglass M.R.C. 2850

The Goldglass M.R.C. 2850 is an automatic spray painting machine designed specifically for back-painting glass in solid colours. The heavy-duty machine is designed for larger, heavier or wider glass but is just as economical as the MRC 2350-CI with the same easy to use interface.

Additional equipment: Colorspray Paint System

The Goldglass Machine is supplied with a uniquely formulated resin-based paint system called Colorspray. The 3-component system allows for the preparation of any colour from the RAL, BS, NCS and Pantone ranges by means of an in-house mixing system and easy to use formulator software.

Thousands of colours can be mixed using only the two specialist base resins and adding one of the 19 standard colourants. Special effects can be created with additives such as the glitter base, quartz base, flash base or fleck additive and pre-mixed metallic colours are also available.

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Controlled via a PLC full graphic soft-touch 7-inch screen, operated with ease in any language
  • Pressurised hood and integrated extraction system eliminate the need for clean room/masks
  • Automatic cleaning system removes excess paint in minutes, maintaining clean environment
  • Advanced spray gun and sensor ensure a consistent, high quality finish every time
  • Automatically stops spraying at edge of glass and will not spray over holes or cut-outs
  • Dual paint containers for use with both organic and ceramic paints
Dimensions 2850mm x 3670mm x 1580mm
External filter 1400mm x 560mm x 1900mm
Min. glass dimensions 300mm x 740mm
Max. glass dimensions 2200mm x unlimited
Max. glass weight 150kg
Workable thickness 3-45mm
Power consumption 3 x 380 V (three-phase)+PE+GR adapted to European standard-4kW
Working pressure 8 bar
Air consumption 600l/min
Weight 1100kg
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