Goldglass GD7000 Glass Drying Machine
Glass Processing Machinery

Goldglass GD7000

The Goldglass GD7000 is a compact, cutting edge glass drying machine that is fully interfaced with the Goldglass M.R.C 2350-CI and M.R.C 2850 but can also be purchased as a stand-alone machine and adapted for an existing painting machine. Like the painting machines in the Goldglass range it is characterised by simple operation, economic energy consumption and high efficiency.

  • Quality IR (infrared) elements specifically tailored to fit various painting materials
  • IR layout matching actual glass width, for accurate heat application with no energy loss
  • Separate temperature controls for each heating zone – simple to use and adjust
  • Built-in gas exhaust system, significantly improving the drying process
  • Advanced cooling module, facilitating further procedures without delay
Overall dimensions 6838mm x 2414mm x 1406mm
Infrared system 52 IR ceramic elements - total power 18kW
Min. glass dimensions 300mm x 380mm
Max. glass dimensions 2100mm x unlimited
Max. glass weight 150kg
Workable thickness 3-45mm
Power consumption 3 x 380 V (three-phase)+PE+GR adapted to European standard-32kW
Working pressure 6 bar
Air consumption 300l/min
Weight 2200kg
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