GMS Glass Silkscreen Line
Glass Processing Machinery

GMS Silkscreen Line

The GMS Silkscreen Machine is a glass screen printing machine that is available in manual and automatic versions and suitable for printing on any kind of large, flat glass including architectural glass. The machine forms the main part of the glass printing production line and once connected to various other machines the line is able to automatically position, print on, dry, cool, transfer and unload the glass.

  • Conveyor is stable, durable and emits minimal noise; unique design makes it easy to assemble, adjust and maintain
  • Alloy printing table ensures a smooth, flat, rust-proof surface for even and precise printing
  • Positioning system comprises 8 pilot pins with two cylinders, adjustment handle, position monitor and adjustment lock device to ensure accuracy
  • Easy-to-operate interactive control system for adjustment of printing speed, positioning time and transmission speed

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Printing Table Size 2800mm x 4100mm
Min. glass dimensions 700mm x 1000mm
Max. glass dimensions 2500mm x 3700mm
Max. screen size 3100mm x 4480mm
Workable thickness 3-19mm
Power 12.7kW
Weight 7500kg
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