GMS SB Series Sandblasting Machines
Glass Processing Machinery

GMS SB Series

The GMS SB series glass sandblasting machines allow for both manual and automatic sandblasting. The machines have three automatic spray guns and one manual spray gun, all of which are easy to operate. The automatic operation system comprises a PLC and touch screen display.

Available versions: SB16LA, SB20LA, SB25LA

Occupied floor space 4800mm x 2000mm x 2500mm
Min. glass dimensions 200mm x 500mm
Max. glass dimensions Dependent on model
Nozzle working speed 8m/min
Glass transfer speed 3.6m/min
Max. glass working speed 20-25m2/h
Total power 3.5kW
Pressure 0.6MPa ~ 0.8MPa continuous
Air compressor 3m3/min, 22kW (Provided by user)
Air tank 1m3 (Provided by user)
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