Evguard EVA laminating Film
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evguard® EVA Laminating Film

evguard® is an elastic ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) interlayer film for the manufacture of laminated glass. During lamination the film cross-links into a three-dimensional structure, so that it will not lose its stiffness or soften when exposed to wind and heat. The flexible film combines excellent transparency and resistance to heat and ageing with high stability and durability for safety, security and decorative applications.

evguard® laminating film has broad applications in various types of interior design and architecture. It is suitable for the production of laminated safety glass or ballistic glass, use as sound insulation glass with acoustic properties, use as a lightweight fire resistant glass and for glass laminates with decorative inserts. evguard® can be laminated by both vacuum and autoclave (pre-lam nip roll), where PVB is processed.

Please see data sheets for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your laminating requirements.

  • High transparency, reliable stability and ability to process at low temperatures
  • Decorative inserts such as photos, plants or fabric can be laminated into composite
  • Optimised PET film (PET-MPE) can be integrated as coloured or printed interlayer
  • Properties of film can be adapted for various requirements eg. higher UV protection
  • Tested inhouse to ensure consistent quality and backed by third-party certifications
  • Finished laminates have life period of several decades and optimal sound protection
  • Provides increased stability and improved appearance of facade elements
  • Suitable for frameless glass - will not delaminate or allow moisture infiltration
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