Emmegi Trimmer E Corner Cleaning Machine
Aluminium & PVC Machinery

Emmegi Trimmer E

The Trimmer E is a CNC corner cleaning machine for PVC frames with 3 interpolated axis and automatic cycle. The machine can handle all types of standard profiles (including acrylic and coated), once it has been suitably configured. The machine is equipped with various tools for cleaning and machining the inner and outer corners, welding beads and gasket grooves of the frames.

Machinable substrates: PVC

The movement of the cleaning module is managed by two high precision and quick positioning interpolated axis, to ensure high quality standards. A third CN controlled axis manages the movement of the group of top units, which can hold up to 4 tools. The machining units can be programmed independently from one another via a CNC PC which controls programming of the profiles and machine operation.

Please see data sheet for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Self-centring mobile work table makes it easy to insert the frame into the machine
  • Profile size control system verifies thickness and height parameters to minimise human error
  • Top unit contains tools mounted in 4-position rotating group containing two linear knives to clean white and film-coated profiles, a double universal tool to clean inclined and rounded corners and a milling unit to clean gasket grooves
  • Designed for optimal ergonomics, with adjustable user interface allowing control from either the loading position or the right side where the sliding lateral guard allows the work cycle in progress to be viewed
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