Emmegi MSP 400-350 Single-Head Saw
Aluminium & PVC Machinery

Emmegi MSP 400-350

The MSP 400-350 is a single-head, descending blade saw with a 400mm or 350mm ø blade for cutting aluminium or PVC profiles. The machine is equipped with a left loading side and single cutting head, with manual blade feed, which can be rotated by 45° to the left or right as well as manually tilted by 45° about the horizontal axis.

Machinable substrates: Aluminium and PVC

The MSP-400-350 cutting zone comprises a cast-iron horizontal worktable with rigid vertical fence and considerable support area to allow optimum clamping of the workpieces. It is provided with a pair of horizontal clamps which are operated pneumatically in the S version, and manually operated in the M version.

Please see data sheet for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

  • Pair of manual or pneumatic horizontal clamps (depending on model)
  • Carbide-tipped, 400mm or 350mm ø blade (depending on model)
  • Robust cast-iron horizontal work table with vertical fence
  • Manual blade operation with mechanical safety interlock
  • Local guard for cutting zone, mechanically operated
  • Spray-mist lubrication system with oil and water emulsion
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