Cooltemper Lumina S Chemical Tempering Furnace
Glass Processing Machinery

Cooltemper Lumina S ™ Tempering Furnace

The ‚ÄčLumina S™ is a low-volume, single-chamber chemical tempering furnace ideally suited for speciality products or product research and development. Chemical tempering ovens use the process of ion exchange. By immersing the glass in a Potassium Nitrate chemical bath the sodium ions close to the glass surface are replaced by larger potassium ion atoms. As a result of this chemical exchange the glass has a stronger surface layer.

  • Preheater heating: Room temperature ∼ 400/450°C in 90min
  • Preheater cooling: 450/400°C ∼ 100°C in 90min
  • Preheater: 9 point temperature measurement ±5°C
  • Reaction tank max. temperature: 450/500°C
  • Reaction tank: 9 point temperature measurement ±2°C
  • Post tempering washer tank available upon request

Please see brochure for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, pricing or to discuss your machinery requirements.

Max. glass size (metric) 05x05 / 07x07 / 08x10
Max. glass size (imperial) 20x20 / 27x27 / 31x40
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